A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A Dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 9

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Translator: Trashman_001

“Okay, let’s go!”

After finishing the meal, Sung-Hyun stood up vigorously.

He couldn’t think of smoking after eating.

This is a lesson he learned while working at the Cheongseong guild.

He was going to take this opportunity to completely cut with the past.


After going down to the basement, Sung-Hyun went straight to the entrance of the dungeon.

As he went inside to a certain extent, the passage of the cave which had been in a straight line, ended and a new entrance appeared.

‘Yesterday, I reached this point, and I stepped back.’

Sung-Hyun swallowed his saliva when he saw the unidentified entrance from where a subtle light was coming in.

He couldn’t see the inside properly from the outside where he was, whether he was at the entrance.

It is a structure that allows you to see the space on the other side only after entering inside.

However, he was not able to rush in yesterday because he was wondering if there was a boss monster in there.

If he ran into a boss monster in a bad condition, his only life will be at stake.

‘But there’s no other way now… I have to face it.’

Sung-Hyun grabbed the spear and stepped into the entrance.

“Oh, my god!”

His sight was drawn in by the subtle light surrounding his body.

Soon there was an unexpected scene in front of him.


The cool breeze sweeping down Sunghyun’s face.

[Entered the new dungeon!] [Another world begins!]

“Hey, this is…?”

Sung-Hyun looked around blankly.

First, inside the cave seemed to be right.

There was a ceiling above his head, and there was no sunlight.

However, the ceiling was located as high as the sky.

And this ridiculous width and size made him stupefied with this sight and unable to believe that this place is underground.

‘I can’t even see the wall over there. How deep is this dungeon can be……?’

Under Sung-hyun’s gaze, this vast world was surrounded by huge walls of caves on the three sides.

However, the end was not visible in the direction as he came out of the passage.

Even though he was looking down from the hill, which is quite tall, it was a huge size that he couldn’t even guess where the end of the cave was.

“The dungeons I’ve known so far… Are totally different than this.’

It’s not as bright as the outside, and it’s a little darker.

Nevertheless, it was not a place full of darkness.

The subtle lights filled the spaces tightly, and it looked bright and clear everywhere as if it were daytime.

It was a world where it was not thought to be underground of one’s own house.

Another world beyond dungeons…….

That was the only way to explain it.

“Did I come out of here?”

Looking back, he could see that where he came out and there was a large cave on a hill.

The cave that Sung-Hyun thought was the first dungeon was just a small passage connecting the two worlds.

The endless world beyond the horizon.

Sung-Hyun, who had not expected this, was quite embarrassed.

‘I thought a boss monster would show up. I didn’t expect this.’

After a brief pause, Sung-Hyun soon came to his senses and looked at the nearby terrain.

The forest terrain surrounding the hill was widespread.

‘I’m gonna have to look around first.’

Sunghyun went down the hill and began to walk exploring the forest.

In fact, the forest itself was not a very heterogeneous landscape.

The unique subtle lights were a common feature of most dungeons, and the forest ecosystem was also commonly found, “the things of dungeons that came from this dimension.”

“I’ve never seen such a tall, wide, and huge dungeon before.”

To the extent that it will confuse a person that what you are standing on were the ground, and not the dungeon.

‘This is….’

The monster’s footprints and broken branches.

Sung-Hyun was able to find Goblin’s traces throughout the forest.

‘There was a forest of Goblins around the cave. That’s where came in from.’

Sung-Hyun followed Goblin’s traces everywhere.

He was now facing a world that he had never thought of, but the fact that he had to remove the monsters around him remained unchanged.

Behind Sung-Hyun, who was chasing the traces.


Goblin popped up with a sharp voice.

Sung-Hyun immediately grabbed the spear and responded.


He cut Goblin’s neck who was running toward him.

Goblin, who fell out, collapsed, but afterwards, another Goblin came out of the bushes.

‘There’s about six left.’


The spear pierced Goblin’s heart.

As he thought, five Goblin hid in the bushes and surrounded Sung-hyun, except for the one who had just fallen.

As his level rose, his senses was already beyond of the general population.

‘I can hear fine sounds everywhere. The whole forest is overflowing with Goblin.’

Definitely that theory that this are Goblin’s territory seemed to be right.

Soon after, the five goblins started to run, as Sung-Hyun cut off all of them.


‘I can feel it. I’m getting stronger.’

Even after finishing all of them, Sung-Hyun did not stop.

He chased the trail further through the forest and mercilessly cut down those who found him or those who followed him.

Even when his level was lower than them, it was no problem to deal with several Goblin now at the same time when he finished 2 Hobgoblin.

Sung-Hyun was growing even at this moment.



[Level up!]

Sunghyun achieved 11 levels by cutting Goblins.

Within hours of entering the forest, his strength, which had already risen by three levels, was still getting stronger.

‘Do Hunter supposed to be strong this fast? No, the others couldn’t.’

As his level rose, the number of goblin he cuts increased.

However, the amount of experience is eight times as much was so powerful that he grew so fast that it could not be compared to other hunters.

Now, he had hunted 90 Goblins, but his experience wa still rapidly increasing, gaining the same effect as catching more than 720 goblins.

‘Is that… is that a Goblin village?’

Further inside the forest, Sunghyun found Goblin Village, where the tombs were gathered.

Unlike the ones that have been paired with a few so far, there was quite a large number, perhaps because it was a village.

If it was just a while ago, it would have felt uncomfortable.

However, it was different now that he achieved 11 levels.

‘I’m coming.’


Goblins in the village flocked around Sung-Hyun, who jumped.

Angry Goblins tried to tear him apart as he appeared as a fearless intruder who dared to jump alone.

However, their anger at the intruder quickly turned into fear.



Every time the spear swung, one goblin fell out.

When Sungyhyun killed about 150 of them, a new message appeared.

[Congratulations, you have gained the title “Goblin Slayer”!] [Apply 20% additional damage to Goblin monsters.] [All acquired titles can be duplicated.]

“It’s now a system of titles… This is quite useful.”

Sung-Hyun smiled in vain.

The feeling of being the sole beneficiary of the new system, which other hunters do not even know existed, was not so bad.

However, his laughter during the battle frightened the Goblin.

Fear arose from the eyes of the Goblin, who were slowly faltering away.


The desperate screams of Goblin filled the forest.


“Whoa… it’s pretty hard.”

After the fight, Sung-Hyun sighed.

Having wiped out the entire Goblin village, he opened status window to check the results.

[Name – Lee Sung-hyun] [Title – Goblin Slayer] [Level – 12] [Job – No Job] [Key Capabilities]

Strength: 27 Agile: 21 Health: 23 Mana: 19

[Hold Properties]

Status window (S)

“Okay, it’s going smoothly.”

Satisfied with his performance, Sung-Hyun nodded. 

He didn’t know the level of other hunters, so he didn’t know the exact standard.

One thing is for sure, is that Hunter, who just woke up without ever going through the Hunter training course, is at a difficult position.

But there’s still a lot of Goblin left. Since the forest itself is large, there’s no way this is the only village they live in.

Sung-Hyun checked his wristwatch.

It’s been quite a while since he stepped into the dungeon.

It’s because he lost track of time as he was so busy fighting.

‘Some of the Hunters were crazy about fighting…I think I know why now.’

Sung-Hyun shook his head.

From the perspective of the general public, hunters were not understood at all, but from a Hunter’s point of view, he seemed to know the feeling.

The joy of battle, moving the body, and wielding weapons.

The idea that he gained power beyond human abilities and he could become stronger than now that he had a strong magic making him forget the miscellaneous things in his head for a while.

‘I’m going back home now, I hope you’re still fine.’

Sung-Hyun had to go back home.

This is because if a monster broke out and caused a disturbance while he was away, it would be over.

Once an unconfirmed monster is reported, the surrounding area will be thoroughly investigated.

Because of this, he always had to calm down, and he couldn’t just relax around.

“It’s only been once or twice…I need a solution.”

Sung-Hyun shook his head and turned around

He was out of his way through the woods, he didn’t get lost or anything like that.

The Forest terrain was already clearly imprinted in Sung-hyun’s head.

All of them were similar-looking bushes and trees, but they were vividly remembered by Sung-Hyun once he passed by.

‘You can’t make a mistake like beinh lost as a beginner.’

Memorizing the terrain in the dungeon was a basic part of the basics for Cheongseong site staff suffering from various tasks.

Being from Cheongseong, Sung-Hyun has been through countless dungeons over the past seven years, and he had to memorize the terrain accurately for smooth work.

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