A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A Dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 8

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[Level up!] [Level up!] [Level up!]

“Why this thing keeps popping up?”

When Hobgoblin was killed, messages appeared again.

There were as many as three at once this time.

‘It’s not like there’s really a level or anything… There’s no way a message would talk nonsense.’

System messages are absolute.

In the distant past, when the awakening and the dungeon first broke out, people who said they could see messages in front of them were treated unfairly and called crazy.

But now it wasn’t like that at all.

The system’s laws were applied to all awakening people, and a message always appeared.

The message did not lie.


Just in case, he looked up, but there was no level floating.

But at that moment, another message flashed before him.

[Level 6 achieved!] [The attribute is enabled by satisfying the criteria.]

“Talent activation? Is the attribute activated already?”

It was quite good news.

Even if it is a conditional awakener that obtains the attributes with the original awakening, the attribute is not immediately activated but only manifested after a hunter has grown to some extent.

It is usually known that it takes about two weeks after awakening, but Sung-Hyun’s attribute expressed much faster.

‘I hope It is a good one.….’

The content of an attribute cannot be verified until it is activated directly.

Attributes were indescribably important to Hunter, and many things were at stake here.

To survive with this crazy dungeon under his feet, he had to have good attributes.

The attributes that finally appeared to him were far beyond his expectations.

[S-class attribute ‘Status Window’ is activated!]

“What… what? What kind of……?”

Sung-Hyun rubbed his eyes hard on the unbelievable reality.

However, the letter “S” on the message did not disappear.

‘No, does this make sense?’

The S-class attributes were literally enormous enough to be considered among Korean rankers.

But that ability appeared to him.

To the new hunter who just awaken today!

“Jesus, damn it. I don’t know what’s going on, but I need to check…….”

Sung-Hyun raised his shaky arm.

An attribute named the status window.

Sung-Hyun decided to check the description right away.

Because the expressed properties are immediately embodied in the awakening, they could be used naturally as if the arms were moving.

Sung-Hyun also put a status window in front of him, not to be awkward.


[Name – Lee Sung-hyun] [Title – None] [Level – 6] [Job – No Job] [Key Capabilities]

Strength: 15 Agility: 15 Health: 16 Mana: 14

[Hold Properties]

Status window (S)

“Well, that’s really my status window.”

His status window appeared with all kinds of figures.

Like a character in a game, things about yourself seemed intuitive.

“Of course, there has been a saying that the application of the ‘system’ that Hunters gain from awakening is similar to the game.….”

Other hunters, however, did not see the status window this way.

Sung-Hyun was given a much more intuitive and explicitly game-like system.

[Level systems are activated with the effect of new attributes!] [The effects of the new attributes activated the inventory system!] [The title system is activated with the effect of the new attribute!] [The effect of the new attributes will activate the quest system!] [Sudden quest!] [Goblins smelling the blood are coming! Destroy the Goblin pack!] [Success Compensation – Strength Stats 6, Gain Small Additional Experience Points]

Not long after, more message came to his mind.

From the far side of the aisle, he could hear goblin crowds shouting.

It’s an exquisite timing as if it’s been squeezed.

“Ha… this is driving me crazy.”


Sung-Hyun grabbed the spear tightly.

Maybe, I’ve really gained a lot of abilities.


Sunlight coming through the window.

Sung-Hyun, who was yawning with a stiff body, was surprised.

“Jeez, it’s like a complete robbery breaking in and turning it upside down.”

The inside of the house was ruined by the Hobgoblin attack yesterday.

He was surprised when he woke up this morning.

‘I cleaned it up yesterday, but this was really too much.’

Shaking his head, Sung-Hyun got out of bed.

Without having to lie back, he went straight down to the basement as soon as he woke up.

It was to check the entrance of the dungeon that occurred yesterday.

‘There’s no sign of the monster coming out. That’s a relief.’

Sung-Hyun breathed a sigh of relief.

He was worried that the monsters will come out while he was sleeping, but fortunately, it didn’t happen.

‘Did he turn off the fire right now?’

Sung-Hyun was referring to the questhe has succeeded.

When that disappeared, monsters no longer appeared close to the entrance of the dungeon.

However, he did not dare to go beyond that.

It was because he didn’t know what monsters would come out if he went deeper, and he was quite exhausted from the hard day.

‘Quest compensation was certainly received.’


A status window opened in front of him.

[Name – Lee Sung-hyun] [Title – None] [Level – 8] [Job – No Job] [Key Capabilities]

Strength: 22 Agility: 16 Health: 17 Mana: 16

[Hold Properties]

Status window (S)

By solving the quest given by the system, his strength stat rose by six.

However, other than that, as Sung-Hyun grew, the stat was reflected and the other stats were raised a little.

As you can see from the status window, it was clear that Sung-Hyun’s body became stronger as the “experience” of destroying Goblin was built up.

‘Now I know the true value of this ability. How did it get an S grade?’

His characteristic status window was not just to show his condition.

Other hunters added new system elements that they could not even understand, and the potential of each new element was enormous.

Looking at the existence of “Quest” that he experienced yesterday, he thought that the grade of S-class might have been lower.

‘When I beat Goblin and accomplished the quest, my level went up to eight. My Growth is so fast that I can feel it myself.’

Sung-Hyun grabbed his hand.

In addition to the reward of the quest, he could feel the explosive accumulation of eight times the experience.

‘This is more than offsetting the late penalty. Maybe it’s not a crisis but a blessing that a dungeon like this broke out in my basement.’

The characteristics of an unconventional dungeon according to its grade.

In the case of probationary hunters who do not have a guild to stand out, even getting a chance to enter the dungeon and grow was very scarce.

However, for Sung-Hyun, who has a massive dungeon under his house, at least he didn’t have to worry about it.

Of course, there is a downside to the possibility that a scary monster will pop out and he will certainly die.

‘That’s one more reason to not keep the Dungeon out of sight.’

Sung-Hyun took the stairs again and went up to the first floor.

It was still full of things that he didn’t know about the dungeon, so he had to scrutinize the inside as much as he could.

However, the first priority was to have a good breakfast.

Unlike yesterday, he will need to spen a long time inside, so he had to fill his stomach properly.

‘There’s not much side dishes left. The furniture are smashed, and I don’t have much money in hand.’

Sung-Hyun sighed deeply.

He had to buy food again, and he needed money to replace broken home appliances and furniture.

There is no way to starve because there is money saved right now, but the money could not be said to be entirely Sung-hyun’s.

‘Sooner or later, I will be urged to give money… Before that, I needed to raise some money. But I will never sold my house.’

This debt is a reminder from the Cheongseong guild.

Of course, 950 million won may be a huge amount for an individual, but for the Cheongseong Guild, it was worth about 100 won coin that fell to the floor.

The Cheongseong Guild, which secured a wide area with powerful hunters, was more than just a super-large company that swept money.

However, even so, they were self-indulgent who managed to get the money they were going to get.

If he don’t pay out, he’ll be on the road with his fingers cut off.

Above all, the moment the house was seized because of the existence of an underground dungeon, Sung-Hyun’s life was over.

He have to get the money no matter what.

‘Then how do I collect the money…….’

As he pushed rice into his mouth, all he could think about were these thoughts.

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