A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 7

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Translator: Trashman_01

[Level up!]

Another unidentified message.

However, Sung-Hyun’s focus was on the bodies of the golden goblin.

This is Sung-Hyun, who killed all four Goblins who were rushing towards him.

‘I’ve confirmed that at least one Goblin can be killed with my bare hands. Then let’s take a look at the spoils.’

Sung-Hyun searched around the bodies of the Goblins.

He picked up a long spear from the weapons they had.

It was a crude-looking weapon that usually the Goblin had.

However, it was a weapon made of special materials that were not found on Earth, and it was no match for the everyday objects that civilians encountered.

“It’s better to hold a weapon than being bare hand.”

While looking around the window, Sung-Hyun began to move again.

Although the five Goblins, who were closest to the entrance, were destroyed, it was too early to be relieved.

The sound of monsters approaching little by little.


‘As expected, they’re here again.’

It was Hobgoblin that appeared this time.

It was the same monster that first invaded his house.

Unlike ordinary Goblin, this was a bit of a burden to fight.

Objectively speaking, fighting with him at this point was a little risky.

‘But that guy… He’s slowly approaching the entrance.’

The entrance to the dungeon, which was directly connected to Sung-hyun’s basement

He’s heading in that direction.

‘If I leave it as it is, and It’ll ruin the house again. I was lucky before, but if I go into the guild because of the disturbance…….’

Sung-Hyun gulped down.

As soon as information leaks out, it’s over.

He had no choice.

‘I don’t have any colleagues around me and the flare I just used up was the last one… I need to take care of it myself.’

As soon as Sung-Hyun finished his calculation, he kicked the ground.


Sung-Hyun swung the spear and stuck it in the back of Hobgoblin.

Blood gushed out and Hobgoblin roared.



The flying club made Sung-Hyun fly.


The floor of the bloody cave was overlooked.

The ability of a man to show this power even though he was stabbed deeply in the back.

Unlike Goblin, Hobgoblin was not a simple opponent that he can overpower.

It is a monster that is likely to appear in the E-Rank dungeon.

With the level of a probationary hunter that just awakened, it was hard to handle even if he was properly equipped.

‘The wounds just continue to accumulate.’


Sung-Hyun used the spear’s long reach to extend wounds one by one on Hobgoblin’s body.

His club attack fell back and swung the spear when he took the dynamic action after the attack.

His heart beated wildly, but he didn’t lose composure.

The bleeding occurred here and there, and Hobgoblin’s body was gradually covered with blood.


The roaring Hobgoblin jumped at him.

Sung-Hyun’s move to maintain the distance was irritating to his nerves, and he rushed hard.

Sung-Hyun took a stance on his reckless move to end the game even when he was prepared to be injured.

“I guess I look very mouth-watering…….”

Hobgoblin is rushing towards him at a rapid pace.

Sung-Hyun greeted him by lowering his body momentarily.


“Is it big?”

Hobgoblin’s body floated up into the air.

He instantly used his speed in reverse and blew it up.

This was absolutely impossible for ordinary people, but it was possible because Sung-Hyun had Hunter’s strength.

But it wasn’t possible just by itself.

“Korea’s top two guilds have a competitive ratio of 500:1…….”

Sung-Hyun turned around and grabbed the spear.

Various martial arts and judo for self-defense.

In addition to his work skills, it was a “minimum condition” that Cheongseong required for ordinary employees, not hunters.

“Don’t look at super-fast promotions as water in there!”


The spear that flew with a crackling sound was plugged into Hobgoblin’s head.

It was the moment when Hobgoblin’s head, which flew back, fell to the floor exactly.


Hobgoblin’s body sprawled with dust.

“Damn, it still look like a shit although it’s the same.”

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