A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 6

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“The entrance isn’t that big for an ultra-large dungeon.”

Sung-Hyun entered the dungeon.

He walked right through the passage of the cave and entered into it.

He have experienced a lot of dungeons, but right now he was not afraid than he should be.

‘I can tell that I am definitely stronger than before.’

Sung-Hyun clenched his fist.

It was embarrassing to introduce himself as Hunter, but he felt that his strength had become quite strong.

He think it would be worth it to some extent against the terminal monsters.

“I’m not afraid of monsters because I’ve been rolling inside the bloody Cheongseong. I’ve been working on the manual to clean up after the Hunters are done and I’ve got the least amount of training for emergencies.”

The starting point is different from the fresh hunter who just woke up.

Although physical abilities were similar, they were as different as the head to judge.


The sound of crying coming from the other side of the cave.

Sung-Hyun immediately recalledthe sound of a familiar one, similar to what he had killed earlier.


‘He’s a goblin, isn’t he?’

Five goblin’s hovering in the cave.

Far from being a disaster-level monster, it was just regular goblin, not a Hobgoblin.

Goblin was not even an E-rank monster and it was a monster that could be handled even by less experienced probationary hunters.

“Thank God.”

A cold sweat trickled down from Sung-Hyun’s forehead.

It is also a monster that should not considered in an SSS-class dungeon at all.

Although it is not yet completely certain, the structure that the level of monsters gets higher and higher as they go deeper inside seemed to be right.

It was a bet for his life, but he was glad that hus prediction was right.

‘Then… let’s get started.’

A group of Goblin wandering around in front of the entrance to his basement.

If he left them alone, he wouldn’t know when they will come out of the dungeon and roam around, so he had to deal with them here.

However, Sung-Hyun did not immediately attack them.

One of them waited until he fell out of the group, and soon Goblin moved away from the group.


Sung-Hyun, who was following him secretly, kicked him out in a heartbeat.



Goblin, who was suddenly attacked, looked embarrassed.

His brain must be shaking because he was hit hard in the back of the head.

Goblin quickly raised his sharp nails and swung them at him, but Sung-Hyun avoided the attack and pushed him further.

‘If you’re clumsy, you’ll die.…!’

Puck! Yuck!

Sunghyun hits Goblin with all his might.

Goblin fell back with a strong stomach shock.

Without missing the gap, Sung-Hyun climbed on top of him, swinging his fists and beating him in the face.


Goblin scratched Sunghyun’s skin with a fit, but it didn’t work.

Goblin, whose face bone collapsed, stretched his body after a short period of time.


When the desperate fight ended, Sung-Hyun also took a rough breath.

He didn’t even use a weapon, but Sung-hyun’s clothes were covered with bloodstains.

Although there were many times he watched from behind, it was the first time he had killed monsters and hunted them himself.

The excitement of the battle did not go away immediately and an unexplained unfamiliar sensation spread within him.

‘I’m glad it’s just one Goblin…’

If a guy like Hobgoblin showed up like before, he would have never caught it with his bare hands.

Sung-Hyun got up from a staggering seat.

But at that very moment.

A message came to mind before him.

[Level up!] [This Dungeons let you gain 8X experience due to its characteristics!]


[The highest-rated dungeon] [A total of 800% of special experience points will be awarded.]

The astonished Sung-Hyun opened his mouth.

“That’s a ridiculous trait, isn’t it?”

A small number of rare but occasionally found dungeons have unique properties.

Some characteristics made seem attacking is too much, and some characteristics were of great benefit that many guilds coveted it.

But he couldn’t believe it gave they gave him eight times more experience.

For Hunters, hunting monsters was nothing but training at the same time as building practical experience.

However, if they were to catch just four goblins here, they can have the same experience as others do.

One can grow so fast that it can’t even compare to others.

Perhaps because it was the first SSS-class dungeon in history, the characteristics of the dungeon were truly unconventional.

“But level up… leveling up. What’s this?”

[Level up!]

Sung-Hyun’s head slipped back to the unidentified message floating in front of him.

The effect of the ‘system’ on all awakened people.

It’s like a game-like structure, but there was no level for hunters.

However, the message about the level in front of Sunghyun did not disappear.

Even he, who was in the Hunter industry, couldn’t easily guess what it was.

‘All right, let’s get those things together first.’

Sung-Hyun, who removed the message, turned his eyes away.

Hearing the disturbance just now, the Goblins came running this way.


“They’re coming in just fine.”

A group of Goblin screaming and running.

With a total of four goblins, it was quite a dangerous situation considering the time it had just taken to subdue one.

However, Sung-Hyun had a flare in his pocket just in case.



With a loud binge, the Goblin was sucked into the flames.

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