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MONDAY: A dungeon beneath my house gives me 800% EXP [30 advance chapters]

Music Show Genius 1 chapter a week and Sposored Chapters Accepted

TUESDAY: The Quest Rewards are Real [30 advance chapters per week, 5 open free chapters.]

Genius with a Healing Spirit Shop [30 advance chapters, 5 free chapters.]

WEDNESDAY: Greatest Extra [10 advance splitted chapters.]

THUESDAY: Damn Reincarnation 1 chapter and accepting sponsored chapter

Superstar from the Age 0 [Same as Damn Reincarnation]

FRIDAY: Devour the Wolf


Suddenly I have children and Husband

The witch and Gretel

NOTE: Schedule may vary due to unforseen circumstances such as health problems, Site Problems and others. But it doesn’t mean our update on Novel Updates is Fixed. It will be later than usual.

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