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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 29

We ordered drinks and snacks in earnest.

“Owner, seven glasses of beer and two fried squid! And two coke!”

I added a side dish to that.

“Boss, give me a squid soup.”

The words made the atmosphere cool off.

“Squid soup?”

“Who ordered a squid soup?”

“Wow… Hyunwoo, I didn’t know you were like that, but were you the one who ordered a squid soup at the bar?”

The guards, as well as the sisters, chatted and looked at me with strange eyes.

I smiled and explained why.

“Water spirits can’t eat solids.”

The words changed the mood at once.

“Honestly, I like soup.”

“I’ve always loved squid souo.”

“As expected, the Water spirit knows what to taste.”

Aqua, who suddenly became a gourmet spirit, tilted her head.


“It’s all right. It’s none of your business.”

I handed the coke that just came out to Aqua.

[It’s cola!]

We shared a toast together.

“To the peace and prosperity of Samcheok Beach!”


Everyone drank beer coolly. Aqua also drank the coke coolly.


Aqua trembled with the sparkling carbonation. Everyone burst into laughter at the sight.

“You have to film this!”

“A Coke-drinking spirit. This is a very precious scene.”

“Can we take a picture?”

Aqua was sitting on the table, on my right hand, with her butt down.

It was a place where everyone could share Aqua’s cuteness fairly.

[Of course!]

Everyone took out their cell phones at those words.

Aqua holding a coke glass bigger than her two forearms combined was such a waste not to take a picture of it.


The pub owner approached.

“Can I take a picture and hang it over there?”

The place the boss pointed to was where famous celebrities’ visit-certification snapshots were hung.

“Of course!”

[Of course!]

Aqua smiled brightly. Looking at her smile, a smile also spread all over my mouth.

There was Aqua, and there were people who loved Aqua.

It was such an ideal and happy space that I wondered what more I needed.

On top of that came the specialty side dish of the store.

“Fried squid is here!”

The boss put down the whole cut squid in a large bowl.

If you dip a thick fried squid with steam in mayonnaise and put it in your mouth, the savory taste and firm texture will burst in the mouth.

“Wow, the squid here is so delicious!”

“It gently melt in your mouth! Wow!”

In response to the response of the Rashguard sisters, a smile was placed around the mouths of the security guards.

No matter what anyone said, they were doing nothing short of volunteering with love for their hometowns.

[Oh! This is delicious!]

Aqua nodded, eating the Squid soup.

[It’s a combination of fruit, sugar, and carbonic acid! What a great dish people make!]

When Aqua, who became black after drinking coke, scooped up the soup and white began to spread from her mouth.


“I’m going crazy, man.”

“What’s that. It’s so cute!”

Everyone looked at Aqua with affectionate eyes once again at her hair dyeing show.

Aqua tilted his head to the sudden concentration of attention, and smiled brightly.


Everyone melted down in front of that sunshine smile.

“We’ll make sure to open an Aqua fan club!”

The rash guard sisters clenched their fists as they renewed their fighting spirit.

* * *

The next day, we came back to normal.

We were spending a leisurely summer afternoon in the master bedroom after all the cleaning and laundry of the rooms where the guests had left.

“Let go of me. Let go of me!”

Aqua was watching a video clip of “Summer Kingdom” on my laptop that she watched a few days ago.

[Exciting~ so exciting.]

Aqua was even singing along quietly while watching the video.

Lying on the floor, folding her legs alternately and looking at the laptop looked like a child.

I smiled and stroked Aqua’s back.

Then Aqua’s singing tone increased a little.

‘A spirit watching in a laptop.’

After completing the drama, Aqua became completely close to my laptop.

The platform, as well as YouTube, was her main websites.

Last night, after I told her it was a site for listening to Summer Kingdom songs.

‘In a few days, she’ll be watching a foreign drama with subtitles.’

In my head, I turned to my phone making a list of foreign dramas to recommend to Aqua.

The Internet application reminded me of a community of Water Spiritualist that I often go to. It was the largest community of water spirits in Korea.

‘I’ve been in and out of here for over five years.’

Here, useful information for water spiritualist and stories about each other’s lives are constantly posted.

Before signing with Aqua, I used to come here often to get information that would raise my rating of Spirit Affinity, and to see pictures of other Undines.

“I feel a little more relaxed now.”

I didn’t feel envy or nervousness when I saw this community like before.

Now I have my own spirit like them.

I refreshed the window with a small smile. At the bottom of the community screen, “popular post” came to mind.

These were the posts with the most views and comments in recent hours.

I went through the list with my eyes like a habit. There were a few articles that caught my eye.

– Announcement of the Water Spirit Community gathering.

One of them was the announcement of regular meetings of the spirits.

“It’s already time to get together.”

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