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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 28

Aqua looked back at me with a look of surprise.

[What is this? Isn’t that a great skill?]

Aqua was banging my leg with her fist, even her eyes glistening at how much she admired it.

[I can’t believe you won with just a few sprinkles of water! Great! Are you a genius!]

“Ahaha, I’ve just studied a lot for my skills.”

After entering the academy, I experienced a new world.

It was because each department was full of people with such great characteristics and great skills.

‘So I did the best I could.’

Not only did I do my best in my studies, but I also studied on how applied my only skill, “Water Shield” endlessly.

Academic performance and research on Water Shield skills were my top classes in the academy.

‘But this one was too easy.’

He’s a low ranked awakener, and he’s rushing to fight a hand-to-hand battle just because he mistook me for a F-Rank.

[Huh? Is he dead?]

Aqua poked Kim Jae-Hyun’s body and asked.

“No, he is still an awakener, and they don’t die with this much.”

[Then what are you going to do?]

“Let’s leave it up to an expert.”

I took out my cell phone and called the police.

“Yes, thank you for your hard work. I’d like to report an unregistered awakening.”

The consequences of the crime was up to the police investigation, but it was not possible to punish the unregistered awakeners themselves.

Punishment for unregistered awakeners wss heavy.

A special prison that could trap awakeners was a tax-eating monster.

It was because the prison had to be customized according to the individual awakeners’ abilities.

Therefore, for most awakening criminals, a ruthless policy was being implemented to cut off the body parts where abilities were expressed and put them in general prisons.

‘There are many voices about respecting human rights due to this….’

The government has put forward a heavy policy on awakening crimes.

‘This guy seems to have a saliva-related skill, so he’ll cut off his tongue or salivary glands.’

If additional charges of wrongdoing were found, the punishment will be excessive for the evil deeds so far.

After the report, I smiled at the aqua.

“The police will deal with him soon.”

Aqua’s eyes were round at the word poloce. Aqua soon folded her arms and nodded solemnly.

[Well, of course! Good work, lieutenant!]

I put Aqua on my shoulders with a small smile.

The bright moonlight filled Aqua’s translucent body.

* * *

The fast-moving cops asked me this and that with a faint Gangster.

The Republic of Korea is a nation of laws, and this kind of private sanctions I originally imposed were not tolerated.

But when I fully explained the situation and showed my academy ID, the was police convinced and went back.

“I might as well get a reward.”

In modern society, where awakening is widespread, the power of academy student ID cards was enormous.

After the situation ended like that, I found tge place for the crime prevention team’s after party.

“It’s here!”

“Wow, awakener!”

“The best Spiritualist!”

The only pub on the beach road overflowed with sashimi restaurants and cafes was already packed with crime prevention workers.

The crime prevention leader, Park hyung tapped me on my shoulder.

“Good job, Kang Hyunwoo! As expected, you are the pride of my neighborhood! Aqua did a good job, too!”

[Um… I didn’t do anything.]

I soothed Aqua, who was a little depressed.

“I wouldn’t have been able to catch him without Water Shield and if I hadn’t become stronger thanks to my contract with Aqua.”

As long as the Spiritualist and the spirit are connected by one being and the string of the contract, it was natural that the power of each other would also be connected.

[Is that so?]

“Of course, how else would I have knocked a man out with a just shield?”

Aqua nodded slowly. I watched leisurely as her feeling of understanding and pride rose on the face.

When the Pride reached its peak, Aqua stepped up to the table, folded her arms and laughed loudly.

[We had a great fight!]

A feeling of amusement rose in the eyes of the crime prevention team looking at the Aqua.

“……so cute.”

“Is this what you call a spirit.”

“Why don’t you be our beach mascot?”

“No, this is the cuteness we have to monopolize!”

My shoulders were flattered by their voices.

I didn’t realize that it felt so good to Have a spirit loved by others.

While watching each member of the crime prevention team loving Aqua, I turned to the side.

There were also the brave Rash guard sisters who lured the despicable guy.

The sisters, who are the biggest main players in the fight, had ample reason to be invited to the event.
“You must have been scared, but you both did a great job.”

I bowed my head to the sisters. The sisters waved their hands.

“No! We have to cooperate in this!”

“That’s right, despicable people should be put in jail!”

The sisters were much stronger and stronger than I thought.

[You’re right! The bad guy who bullies others should be punished!]

Aqua nodded with a serious face. The sisters covered their mouths and made a ‘oh’ sound.

One of the sisters asked.

“Hey, can I pet the Aqua?”

I replied with a smile.

“You should ask Aqua, not me.”

Spirits were a family of spiritualist and they have their personality.

However, many ordinary people have often made these mistakes because they are not yet familiar with spirits.

“Oh, I see. I’m sorry, Aqua.”

[It’s okay!]

“Do you mind if I pat you?”

[No biggie!]

Instead, Aqua stuck out her back.

The sister’s hands carefully turned to Aqua’s back.

The sister’s hands bounced gently when she touched the soft body of Aqua.



The sisters stroked Aqua’s back with an excited face.


Aqua laughed quietly, saying that the careful touch of the two made her feel good.

“I want to pet you, too!”

“Aqua, can I touch you?”

[You ca, but one at a time!]

“I’m first!”

“I’ll pet her next!”

As expected, Aqua was very popular.

Aqua also offered the security guards a glorious opportunity to pet her back.


“It’s like a living pudding.”

“Isn’t it like a jellyfish on land?”

“You’re the best, Spirit……. I want to be have a spirit too…….”

Even Park hyung was lining up and waiting for his turn.

The sisters were still looking down at their hands with blank eyes. They seemed to be lost in the afterglow of Aqua.

It was the older sister who came to her senses first. She asked me with a serious face.

“Can we start Aqua’s fan club?”

“……fan club?”

It was at that moment when Aqua’s No. 1 and No. 2 fans were born.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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