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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 27

Kim Jae-hyun lived being jealous of awakeners.

‘Honestly, there’s no such lottery in the world.’

He didn’t understand that someone had to live this hard just because they were lucky without any effort, also because they were awakeners, and they were not.

‘When you’re born, you can’t choose your parents, and you can’t also choose whether you’re an awakener or not?’

Kim Jae-hyun was immersed in such thoughts and lived in a daily argument with people on the Internet.

On +8# forty-year-old birthday, he awaken his abilities.

He was so happy that he jump in excitement, but soon realized his limitations and clicked his tongue again.

E-Rank? Grade E? Class E? This rank was usuless as rat poop.

E-Rankers also had to risk their lives around the lower gate. Even at the intermediate gate, E-Rank played only the role of a porter.

“Is this a true life story?”

Kim Jae-hyun did not register as an awakener. He will not make a lot of money even if he went around the gate.
Rather, he decided to fulfill his desires through ordinary people outside the gate.

‘There are two of them today.’

Kim Jae-hyun grinned at the sisters wearing the same type of rash guard.

His characteristics were Hit, and his skills were Anesthesia Saliva.

It was the ability to immediately anesthetize someone and let the fall asleep if his saliva touched someone other than himself.

It was a perfect ability to play with.

Kim Jae-hyun quietly tracked down the two sisters. There were a lot of people on the beach in summer, so no one noticed his tail.

‘You’re the only two sisters on the trip. Very good.’

After confirming the two sister’s accommodation, Kim Jae-Hyun killed time at a nearby sushi restaurant until nightfall.

At night, the sisters left their quarters, perhaps for a meal. Kim Jae-hyun quietly followed the sisters.

After dinner, he was going to aim for the right timing right at the two sister’s return to their accommodation.

But something was off.

“This was the back alley.”

The sisters were not entering a restaurant, but rather a dark back alley.

‘Did they get an invitation from the local Lads?’

Kim Jae-hyun followed the sisters more passionately. He couldn’t stand other people touching the target he took.

And when he turned to the corner, Kim Jae-hyun realized that he had fallen into a trap.

“Good job.”

A man was looking at himself at the end of the alley.

Kim Jae-hyun was instinctively able to tell. That’s another awakener.

* * *

“Good job.”

At my end, a junior girl from the youth crime prevention team jumped out and gently hugged the two shivering sisters.

“That was brave of you. Thank you. Leave the rest to us.”

The junior disappeared with the sisters. Now there’s only me, Aqua and the gangster left in the alley.

Kim Jae-hyun asked displeased.

“What a trap investigation?”

After formulating the plan, I watched that man all day long with the help of the crime prevention corps and local people.

All the information came to me about where he was moving and where he was spending his time.

It was a possible collaborative investigation because everyone lived like a family for more than 10 years.

I also contacted the president of the accommodation where the two sisters were staying, and formed a joint collaboration with the sisters.

‘It’s scary, but I was told to catch the Gangster.’

There were not many people who could muster such courage against the awakening.

Of course I didn’t have to tell the plan to the guy.

Kim Kept kept talking to me with a nervous face.

“Hey, why don’t we just walk by without having to bleed each other?”

It seemed that he was preparing to attack and run away in moment of my carelessness.

From that look I could tell two facts.

‘He is a low-Rank awakener.’

His move, which seemed to have no intention of narrowing the distance, said the fact.

“As expected it was only a low ranked awakener.”

A high-level awakener did not do such thing even because of their Pride on their abilities.

‘If he gets away from here, it’ll be more complicated.’

I pretended to turn my head. I showed the gap on purpose.

“I was just trying to have some fun. We need to fight with a little deviation……Twow!”

The man spit on me without missing a second.

Despite the long distance, his saliva was fast and accurate in targeting my head.

‘It’s a Hit characteristic.’

I calmly unleashed my skills as I was expecting his attack from him.

The only spirit magic I had, Water Shield.


The gangster looked at my shield with a little surprise.

“What, were you a spirit? Oh, is that you, the F-Rank Spiritualist that the locals were talking about?”

Hahaha, he laughed out loud.

“What the hell am I! It was only a F-Rank Spiritualist who doesn’t even have a spirit blocking my way?”

Aqua was not seen with his eyes because she did not materialize.

Full of confidence in the fact, the man ran toward me.

It seemed like he was going to knock me down using the difference in physical abilities between F and E.

Aqua, who was next to me, asked.

[Do you really mind if I don’t help you?]

“You don’t have to dirty your hands with this guy.”

Aqua’s attack was a luxury for a Gangster.

‘I can win on my own.’

I was a student who had been at the top of the list for several years at the Hunter Academy although I was not rated high.

My student ID cried only when I lost to such a small person, who had only been targeting the general public.

As I watched the trajectory of the man running, I once again invoked the Water Shield.

Water Shield was the skill of creating a hemispherical shield, as the name implies.

However, such as the strength of the shield or the location of its creation could be changed at the discretion of the time electron.

‘I mean, it’s applicable.’

I built a Water Shield
under the foot of the gangster he was running into.



His foot slipped on Water Shield.

I created a Water Shield under his feet to balance one after another.


When a man whose feet were completely in the air fell to the ground, I made the hardest Water Shield I could make under the back of his head.


After hitting the back of his head, the resentment was drooping. He was beaten by his own power.


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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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