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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 26

It was because of the many differences that come from being two, not alone.

This was also the lowest percentage of hunters in occupation selection, while many choose to having superior combat power than other awakeners.

“There’s a big difference between risking your life alone to feed your family and risking your life with them.”

The death of the spirit or the death of the spiritualist was not just a death alone, but a wound that the partner had to embrace as a lifelong burden.

‘Now that I’m a decent spiritualist, I have to put Aqua’s safety and happiness first.’

Spirits come across the world to meet spirits.

She crossed a road wider than the sea to meet me with that little body.

‘Spirits should always be happy in the human world.’

I could never do anything to put such an aqua at risk.

Aqua smiled broadly at me.

[As expected, my spirit is a good man!]

Aqua crossed her arms and nodded with a pleased face.

She seemed to have no intention of hiding his smile around her mouth as if she deserved such treatment, and she were very satisfied now.

[But don’t worry! I am a supreme spirit!]

Aqua looked at me with a twinkle in her eye.

[Thank you for your concern! However, when someone asks for help, it is only when she refuses to do so that the name “supreme spirit” is tarnished!]

Those that asked for help are not refused and Aqua’s pride is still high

Aqua wanted to do it, but I didn’t mean to stop het. Rather, I was glad that she also wasnt to fight back the opposition gladly.

Now, then, I had to work my head out for safe success.

The higher the rank, the higher the amount of money one can earn. There was no way such underhanded means are done by higher ranked hunters.

“Then, shall we go get some thief?”

[Of course! I will keep the peace here!]

It was the start of Samcheok Sheriff Aqua’s activities.

* * *

I went on patrol and didn’t know when I would catch a gangster.

In the meantime, more victims could have been affected. That’s why he decided to launch an investigation himselves.

I came out to the sand with Aqua on my shoulders. When I went to a crowded place, I breathed in and shouted loudly.

“3,000 won for potato rice cake and 4,000 won for corn!”

My hands were full of potato rice cake and corn.

[Potato rice cake costs 3,000 won and corn costs 4,000 won!]

Aqua shouted hard, too.

Selling snacks to tourists was one of the small sideline jobs of beach dwellers.

But doing the sideline was a precious experience to have.

Tourists around me looked this way with interest in the rare sight. Some of them took out their cell phones.

“There you go, handsome brother! How about potato rice cake when you’re hungry?”

[Pretty girl! Would you like some corn?]

“It’s still not the time to eat, but if you’re hungry, there’s nothing sweet like potato rice cake! If you put a grain of potato rice cake in each of your mouth, you’ll feel better!”

[It’s not time to eat, but aren’t you hungry? Corn is the best thing in those time! It’s fun eating like playing the harmonica when you’re done!]

Aqua did a good job of imitating my solicitation.

Before I knew it, tourists were surrounding us in circles. In the meantime, small screams and flashes burst out from time to time.

Even if they knew the existence of spirit, it was a strange and precious thing sight to see to ordinary people.

There was only one Aqua in the world, only one cute as her.

As a result, some people naturally became interested in what we sell.

“Give me a potato rice cake.”

“Thank you!”

“Two corn.”

[Thank you!]

Under the scorching sun, I even had hot food in my hands, but thanks to Aqua’s cool body, I didn’t even know it was hot.

It was a time when I moved to the sandy beach for about 15 minutes.

“Well, hey.”

Two ladies in rash guards came to us with courage.

They looked the same, but they were wearing different rash guards with red and blue.

[Did you girls came for these?]

Aqua welcomed the two with a big smile.

The lady of the red rash guard pressed her chest with her fist.

While, the lady of the blue rash guard bit her lip. Both of them seemed to have heartache.

“Oh, can I have a corn?”

“Yeah, here you go.”

I took a small bag out of a huge cooler box in my hand. There was theree corn in a 4,000 won bag.

The lady in the red rash guard took cash from her purse and handed it to me. I laughed and shook my head.

“My hands are full. Can you give it to Aqua?”


[I’m Aqua! Come give it to me!]

The words startled the lady and opened her eyes wide.

“Oh my gosh. What should I do?”

The two ladies held each other’s hands and didn’t know what to do, but carefully cleaned their hands on their waist and handed Aqua 10,000 won bills.

Aqua got it and took the change out of my purse in my breast pocket.

[Let’s see…].

Aqua stuck out her tongue, licked her thumb once, and counted the 1,000 won.

She seemed to imitate my mother when she saw her doing it.

There was another scream everywhere.

[6 bills! It’s 6,000 won. Here!]

The red lady took the change and looked thrilled as if it were some kind of idol.

“……what kind of creature is this?”

The blue lady had been mumbling out of her mind for a while.

The red lady held on to the 1,000 won bill she received in change and took courage to ask.

“Ha, can I pet you just once?”

Aqua grinned as if she had waited for it.

[Buy potato rice cake instead! Buy two of them!]

Aqua seemed to do better business than me.

It was then. Aqua turned her head and looked somewhere. I followed her sight too.

A small man with a mouse-like face looked at the Rashguard’s sister with insidious eyes.

I made eye contact with Aqua.
Aqua’s head nodded softly.

‘Spirits can sense if a human is good or evil.’

We deliberately pulled people together to find him.

If it’s a gangster, I’m sure he’ll find a place where people gather to search for targets.

He was now caught in our network of investigations.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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