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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 25

It was the next morning.

When I came back from morning exercise with Aqua, a person came.


“Park hyung!”

Mr.Park’s eldest son, in our neighborhood we call him “Park Hyung” among our generation.

Park hyung was sitting on the floor of the yard waiting for me.

“Father said you have now a spirit. Congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

Aqua, who was riding on the wooden horse, also greeted him by becoming real.

[Nice to meet you!]

“Oh……. That’s a spirit!”

Park hyung looked at Aqua as if he was amazed.

For Park hyung, who does not usually work at Mr. Park’s shop, a spirit seemed to be something unfamiliar.

Park hyung handed me a glass of Energy drink. It was cool as if it had just been pulled from a vending machine in front of me.

“Did you work out?”

“Uh. Just a quick jog.”

I took a sip of the drink and handed it to Aqua.

Aqua began sipping the drink with her eyes glistening.

Park hyung continued.

“It wasn’t just a simple jog. I thought I was watching a triathlon.”

“Did you see that?”

“By chance.”

F-Rank awakeners alone have superior physical strength compared to ordinary people. Not to mention E-Rank.

“Can I talk to you for a minute before you go to the shower?”

He seemed to have something important to say. I sat next to Park at a distance to avoid him smelling my sweat.

“Your story is all over town.”

“My story?”

“You’re originally a little hot in this town.”


“Didn’t you know? You’re the first in town to join the Hunter Academy. When you first entered the school, you used to get a plain grades.”

“Ahaha, I remember.”

It was an unforgettable memory.

“The elderly in the neighborhood are very interested in you. You’ve always been the rumored good son, but now you’ve become the pride of the neighborhood.”


I laughed awkwardly. Being famous would always make one awkward.

“What are you trying to talk about?”

“Well, it’s nothing. You know I’m on the crime prevention team, right?”

“Crime prevention team. I know.”

There was a Crime prevention tem gathered by local youths at resorts across the country.

It was a group of local youths who were in charge of disputes among tourists, friction with locals, and, in a small way, garbage disposal.

In Samcheok, the Crime prevention team was named “Youth Crime Prevention Team,” and Park hyung was in charge of the crime prevention group.

That’s why Mr. Park complained a lot. His eldest son was immersed in playing the alley leader who doesn’t want to learn work and doesn’t have enough money.…or so.

However, Park hyung’s popularity among young people was great.

No matter what, the highest position in the village that young people could occupy was the head of the crime prevention team.

I also remembered helping the crime prevention team while working part-time at Mr. Park’s store.
Park said with a serious face.

“There’s a lot of gangsters in the neighborhood these days.”


Aqua looked up at me and asked.

[What’s wrong with them?]


I chose the words carefully.

“He’s a bad guy who does something unpleasant to others.”

[What a bad person!]

The word “bad” was enough for Aqua.

“Did you call the police?”

“I reported it, but they can’t catch them because we have no evidence.”


“They only commit crimes outside of the CCTVs. Besides, I think they are an unregistered awakener outside the system that attacks people.”

The awakening had to register their abilities and personalities with government agencies.

Otherwise, it was not only easy to specify when such a crime took place, but also because the arrest itself was not easy.

“The police are investigating. But as you know, unregistered awakening cases are dangerous and take a long time. In the meantime, the victims will continue to appear.”

“I’m here to enjoy the summer, but I can’t let anything terrible happen.”

“We all know that people in this neighborhood are live during the summer, (many tourist) and this is going to hurt our business if this continue.”

The victim is also a victim, but if that happens, the image of Samcheok Beach as a whole will be severely damaged.

“Are you here to ask me to solve that gangsters?”

“What can ordinary people like us do against awakeners.”

He was right. Just as ordinary people and martial arts players never mix their fists, so did awakeners.

I said with a nod.

“Let me talk to my spirit for a moment.”

“Discuss with your spirits?”

Park hyung looked a little incomprehensible.

I laughed bitterly. This was what most people were deluded about the spirits. Spirits were not Spiritualist summons.

“Spirits are partners of spirittualist. We’re together, so we should discuss it.”

“Yeah. Talk to your spirit and let me know.”

Park hyung got up from his seat. I turned to Aqua when I saw him disappear over the gate.

“What shall we do?”

Aqua tilted her head at my question.

[You don’t want me to help?]

“Does Aqua want to help?”

[Of course, I want to help.]

The spirit can feel the good and the bad of man, and Aqua is said to have been drawn to my warmth and goodness.

So Aqua seemed to think I would solve this.

“I’m sorry, but I have something more important than that.”

[What is that?]

“It’s your safety.”

Aqua’s eyes are round.

Spiritualist are classified among the awakeners as unique awakeners.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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