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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 24

“Not in reality. But that’s a drama. That’s also a fantasy drama. It’s a mixture of fiction.”

When the questions got longer, I stopped the drama and answered the questions that lasted for 10 to 20 minutes.

I didn’t say it was annoying. Rather, I wanted to teach her more.

By the third episode Aqua was speechless. It was hard to know whether her questions stopped or she focused on the drama.

Eventually, we stayed up all night watching the drama. It was because Aqua sang a song that said, “I can’t sleep like this.”

[Goblin……! The goblin!]

Aqua, who finished the last episode, shed tears.

Tears that ran down Aqua’s cheeks fell on my clothes and moved slowly back into my body through Aqua’s feet.

I searched from my laptop to find a commentary video of the actors of the drama. It’s a lot more fun to watch at times like this.

Then, Aqua suddenly jumped up. With her back arm behind her, she kept her voice down.

[In fact, I came to the human world in search of my husband]

When I looked at the back, wondering what kind of game it was, Aqua slowly turned to me.

[Do you see this sword?]

Aqua, who said so, had a sword of water embedded in her chest.


I was frightened.

[Can you pull out this sword?]

Aqua asked me with serious eyes. I gulped without realizing it.

It must have been a joke. Aqua stretches ger hair with water and uses it like a hand, so that sword must be that kind of thing.

But I had an idea that went through my head. A Supreme spirit that cannot exist.

[You. Can’t you see this sword?]

Aqua urged me once again when I was absent-minded.

The eyes were brilliant and lonesome, really something radiating out of them.

Without realizing it, I raised my hand and grabbed the handle of the sword stuck in Aqua’s chest.

A fluttering, hard, and contradictory sensation came into my hand.

[You were my husband]

Aqua laughed in vain.

[Pull out this sword. Release me from my curse.]

My hand holding the sword was tightened. At the same time I hesitated. If I pulled this out…… what’s going on?

My head was clearly shouting that this was a joke. But my hands were refusing to pull out the sword.

What if the aqua disappears? What if my spirit that I just met disappears like this?

Aqua’s hands overlapped over my hesitant hands.

[Don’t hesitate. I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time.]

Aqua’s calm eyes soothed me. She was telling me to trust myself and pull out the sword.


I swallowed my saliva once and tightened my arm.

The sword was pulled out easily. It was surprising that it was so easy to pick.

Aqua’s body left a huge hole where the sword was inserted.


The hole began to stir little by little. The ripple spread throughout the water aqua.

[Now…… it’s a catastrophe…]

At that moment, water poured in from somewhere.

Quaaaaaaaa! The water quickly filled the room.


There was Aqua blurring over the bubbling.

I rushed to pull the aqua. Even in the water, Aqua’s voice penetrated clearly into my mind.


Aqua’s body dispersed into the water.


I stirred the water with both hands, but nothing was caught.

The next moment, the water disappeared faster than it came in. There was not even a drop of water left on the floor, on the blanket, on the laptop.


I shouted in embarrassment. Aqua was nowhere to be seen in my room. I searched the whole house.

Aqua was nowhere to be found in the bathroom, in the basin in front of the door.

“Aqua, Aqua!”

In my heart, I was still linked to his contract with Aqua. It was obvious Aqua was still alive. I had to find her quickly.

I even checked the sink in the kitchen. But still, Aqua was not in sight.



There was a small laugh coming from somewhere.


When I opened the refrigerator door after the laughter, Aqua was smiling in it.


Aqua smiled with a playful face as she made eye contact with me.

[Did you really think I was going to die? Kekeke!]

I took the aqua out of the refrigerator without saying a word. And hugged her as hard as I could.

[Argh! Hold on! If you hug me that hard, I’ll explode!]

I didn’t care and hugged her harder.

[Stop! I’m really going to explode!]

Aqua gave her body a lot of strength to withstand the pressure.


Without realizing it, a smile burst out from the side of my mouth. I leaned against the wall like I was falling down.


Aqua laughed excitedly in my arms, too.


I laughed so loudly that I couldn’t remember when I had laughed so coolly.

I stopped laughing after laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. I laughed so hard that I felt drowsy.

[What do you think? Don’t you think I’d be famous as an actor?]

Aqua’s voice was high as it could be.

“Yeah, I could act. But don’t do this kind of prank next time. I was really surprised.”

[All right.]

A pleasant day was coming to an end today.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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