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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 23

We came out to the sand to set off fireworks. My old parents were hearing the sound of firecrackers every day.

Aqua held my parents’ hands because my hands were full. It was like she was their granddaughter.

Wheey… Poof!

Many tourists were already enjoying fireworks on the beach. We’ve got a seat on one side, too.

‘First time, it’s should be a fountain firecracker.’

I buried a fountain firecracker in the ground and lit it with a lighter and fell far away.

“Aqua. Don’t get too close because it’s dangerous.”

Aqua clung to my leg and looked at the fireworks with shining eyes.


The fountain began to emit flames. Brave sparks flew in the sky to burn the darkness.


Aqua hugged my legs tightly. She couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

[It is a Fountain of flames!] Aqua exclaimed with a twinkling eyes.

Before I knew it, my mother took out her cell phone and was filming Aqua.

[The Salamanders will be wide-eyed if they see this!]

The fountain firecrackers soon faded away.

[What? Is it over?]

Aqua sounded disappointed. Her arm, which was hugging my leg, was also weak.

“Don’t worry—there are other firecrackers.”

I sat on the sand and put Aqua on my lap.

‘Shall we do this next time?’

I lit a stick firecracker, also called the Roman Candle, and gave Aqua a rat and held it overlapped.

“Come on, look forward to it.”


Expectations began to rise again for Aqua’s voice.

In a little while.

Pushung! Pushung!

Firecrackers as small as bullets were fired from the end of the rod.


Aqua almost missed the firecracker, but it didn’t happen because I was supporting her from behind.

[Oh! It’s like the magic wand I saw in the movie!]

Aqua quickly began to enjoy fireworks.

I thought it would be safe now, so I let go of Aqua’s hand. Aqua freely twirled her hands and shot firecrackers into the sky.

[Hahaha! It’s like I am doing magic!]

The last were the most common and classic rocket firecrackers, and the stationary launch firecrackers.

Whooey… Poof!

Fireworks flew into the sky from the fireworks I had planted. The flame seemed to go out and soon it ignited beautifully.

Aqua looked at the scene with rapture.

Colorful fireworks flew in the sky and embroidered it in different shapes.

[Flames changes shape! It’s a flower!]

Although it was cheap firecrackers, Aqua’s eyes were shining more beautifully than any other star.

* * *

Back home from fireworks, I massaged my parents with Aqua.

[Is this how you do it?]

Aqua made a healing water and put it on her mother’s knee.

“Yes, that’s enough.”

Water Spirit’s healing water had a function to improve body regeneration.

If the potion heals the trauma in an instant, the healing water strengthened and improved the regenerative power of the body, and slowly healing from the inside.

‘So hospitals and hunters visit the portion a lot, and cosmetics companies and old people visit the healing water spirits a lot.’

That’s why just rubbing Aqua like that is enough for the massage.

‘This is the first thing I wanted to do when I got a spirit.’

My parents worked all their lives to take care of me.

Whenever I had time, I gave a massage to mother and fathrt, but it hurt me whenever I see them tapping their waist and knees.

I pressed my father’s waist while Aqua applied healing water to my mother’s knee.

“Oh, my God. It’s cool.”

“Let me know if you feel pain.”

“Wow. That’s perfect.”

It hasn’t been long since I moved up from F-Rank to E-Rank, so I’ve had a hard time controlling my powers yet.

After a while, we switched roles and Aqua applied healing water to my father’s waist and I rubbed my mother’s shoulder.

After the massage, my parents tried moving their knees around with their waist and admired.

“Oh, you’ve definitely gotten better in that short time.”

“The healer made sure her name is worth it.”

Then he soon looks upset.

“I don’t know if we’re allowed to accept this expensive…….”

[Don’t say that!]

Aqua crossed her arms and made a stern face.

[I don’t waste any of my healing methods! If I’m here, I’ll be able to make it again and again, what a waste!]

It was like a granddaughter who scolded her grandparents for eating cheap food just because she was saving money.

Maybe my parents felt the same way as I did, but they held Aqua in their arms with a small smile.

“Huhuhu. I’m sorry this old lady said something weird.”

[If you’re sorry, don’t be sorry and be happy!]


This warm appearance made me smile.

‘If it’s a continuous healing massage, my parents will feel better.’

The thought of doing a proper filial duty warmed my heart.

* * *

[Korean dramas are so interesting, right?]]

The next day, after breakfast, Aqua asked.

“Where else did you hear that?”

[I heard from one of the Undines in the spirit world. He enjoyed watching dramas with spirits the most.]

I nodded.

[Do you have anything to do today?]

“There wasn’t.” When I said that, Aqua’s eyes glittered.

[Let’s watch a drama together!]

I thought that would be nice, so I put Aqua on my lap and turned on my laptop.

I stopped next to a name while searching for the OTT platform that I use with my friends.

Goblin was a drama that hit South Korea. It was also the drama that I enjoyed the most.

[What are you doing? Turn it on!]

After thinking about whether it would be fun for Aqua for a while, I pressed the play button at Aqua’s urging.

“Good. Taste the Korean Wave.”

We started watching the drama.

Aqua kept asking me this and that until episode one and two.

Unlike the movie we watched yesterday, the drama was a little complicated. Aqua, in particular, she had a hard time understanding past flashbacks.

[Where is that?]

“Korea hundreds of years ago.”

[Why is that suddenly coming out?]

“It’s a flashback.”

[Flashback? What’s that?]

“It reminds someone of the past.”

[So you’re saying that’s your imagination?]]

“Rather than “imagination…”, it shows a scene from the past.”

[So that’s the past? Wasn’t the actor’s face young at all?]

“He’s a goblin. He is not getting any older.”

[Is there such a man?]

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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