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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 22

I put a tray full of watermelon slices in front of Aqua and my parents.
It was Aqua choice, both the sweetness and flavor was the best among watermelons.

[Wait a minute!]

Aqua reached for the watermelon. After a while, water came to the watermelon and with Aqua’s control she pushed out all the seeds.

“Hey, it’s automatically become a seedless watermelon.โ€

“Aquas is so talented.”

Aqua’s shoulders were shrugged up by her parents’ praise.

“Let’s eat, then.”

“Thank you for the food.”

[Thank you for the food!]

Aqua held a large cut watermelon, opened her mouth wide, and bit back.

Aqua, whose cheeks were bursting with watermelon, mumbled with a very satisfied face.


Aqua gulped down the watermelon and ate it again.

“Eat slowly.”

Mother gently wiped the watermelon juice that leaked around Aqua’s mouth. Aqua quietly closed her eyes and enjoyed the touch.

Aqua was very good at the fact that she could somehow pretend to eat due to the nature of the water spirit that could not eat solid.

My mother also liked watermelons because she could see Aqua eating something.

My mother was old enough to feel good just by watching her children eat something.

“Hey, it’s much more delicious because Aqua picked it out.โ€

“You can be a watermelon identifier.”

Before I knew it, my parents were treating Aqua comfortably. Now you seem to have gotten used to Aqua.

Aqua didn’t stop smiling at both of them because she knew it.

‘This is a nice family scene to see.โ€™

I took something out of my pocket while watching my parents and Aqua enjoy watermelon. It was ‘Spirit pink salt’.

I sprinkled salt on the watermelon and took a big bite.


The piece of broken watermelon went into my mouth.

When the flesh, which tasted a little salty, was crushed with molars, the juice spread throughout my mouth.


A sweet flood like a feast of honey water filled my mouth. The watermelon felt sweeter because of the salty taste I felt a while ago.

I finished a piece of watermelon in an instant.

“Here, sprinkle some salt.”

My parents used to sprinkle salt on the watermelon. Aqua also saw the amount of salt they were putting, and then sprinkled salt on the watermelon and took a bite.

[Oh, it’s much sweeter!]

Aqua nodded in admiration.

[Salt in the fruit! And it’s even more delicious?]

Aqua nodded and quickly finished the watermelon.

By the time the tray was filled with only green watermelon shells, Aqua’s body was pink.

My father grinned at the sight.

“Aqua look Pink.”

“Pink? Hahaha.”

It was just right, but I burst into laughter at the old-fashioned sensibility somewhere.

After emptying the watermelon, Aqua tapped her belly with a satisfied face. Looking at that figure, something came to my mind.

“Shall we show Aqua a proper summer night?”

We couldn’t leave out watermelons and firecrackers on summer nights.

“Aqua, do you want to play fireworks?”


“Light a fire and shoot firecrackers into the sky… yes, that’s how fireworks came.โ€

[Fireworks? I want to try it!]

My father said.

“You don’t have to buy a new one if you’re going to play fireworks. There should be some left in the warehouse.โ€

“I’ll get it.”

While I was cleaning up the tray, I stopped by the warehouse and looked for fireworks.

Back in the main room with firecrackers and lighters, there was a sound of conversation coming through the cracks in the slightly open door.

“Aqua. Thank you so much for contracting with my son.”

My mother’s voice forced me to stop. My mother’s voice was a little watery.

“You went to the academy to find a spirit, and when you got an F-Rank, I was so sorry…โ€ฆ.โ€

“I was so worried about what I would do if you became a hunter. F-Rank hunters have a high mortality rate.”

I listened quietly to my parents’ worried words.

F-Rank awakeners attended the Academy, it was as if a highly ill-sighted cadet attended the Air Force Academy.

I thought they didn’t know.

I thought my parents didn’t know.

Because tgey didn’t ask me anything about my academy life, but only my grades and scholarships.

‘Did they deliberately avoid the subject just in case I cared?’

Suddenly, a sense of sorry and emotion rose.

Only then did I know why my mother shed tears when I first introduced Aqua.

He didn’t show his concern just in case I was having a hard time, but it only remained inside of them.

At that time, Aqua’s brave voice was heard.

[Hyunwoo would have done well without me! I’ve never seen a warm person like Hyunwoo!]

Hahaha, my parents laughed quietly.

“You know Hyunwoo is better than us.”

[Spiritualist and spirits!]

Aqua’s bright voice followed by the sound of someone moving and paper.

[What is this?]

“Pocket money.”

[Pocket money?]

My father gave Aqua pocket money.

“Thank you. Buy something with it.โ€

I shut my mouth in a burst of laughter.


I can’t believe father is giving a spirit some pocket money. Who gives cash to the spirits?

But because of that, I could feel how grateful my father was to Aqua.


I laughed for a long time outside the door with firecrackers.

It was because I was so grateful to my parents.

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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

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1 year ago

Aqua was so cute ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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