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Genius with a healing spirit shop chapter 21

Note: I don’t know what fixed name should be given to Characteristics Windows. Sometimes I feel like it should be Trait or Properties because other translated novel uses Trait or Properties.

Back home, we put the groceries in the refrigerator and opened a spirit shop in our room.

<<Looking around the human world quest is complete.

Rewards: Spiritualist foundation Growth and Spirit Growth.

Do you want to receive a reward?>>


Aqua, who was excited, looked at the window.

[We’ve completed the quest!]

Aqua smiled and looked up at me. I rubbed Aqua’s cheeks with both my hands.

“Then shall we get the reward?”

[Of course!]

I touched the window that came to mind.

<<Rewards will now be given.

‘The Blessings of the Spirit’ has been given.>>

The words “blessing of the spirit” surprised me.

‘It’s an item that raises the rating of the Spirit Affinity chatacteristics, right?’

Defining awakeners as awakeners and dividing their strengths as characteristics, not by skills. Only when the rating of characteristics was raised, did the rating as an awakening person also rise.

As such, many awakeners have been eager to evolve their characteristics, but few awakened to receive the grace because the evolution of their characteristics is very rare to come by.

That’s why I was surprised to see “The Blessings of the Spirit” sold at a spirit store.

‘But I’m already getting characteristic evolution as a reward for clearing a free quest?’

I couldn’t believe it.

At that time, my characteristic window came to mind next to the spirit shop.

<<Kang Hyunwoo

Water Spiritualist

Characteristics: Spirit Affinity (F), Spirit Shop (Unique)

Skill: Water shield (lower grade)>>

Sizzling. Sizzling

The letter “F” in the characteristic column of the “Spirit Affinity” began to make noise.


At one point, the increasing noise obscured all the letters and disappeared. On the spot where F was written before, the letter E was now written.

<<Characteristics: Spirit Affinity (E)>>

I looked at it with my eyes wide open.

“Really…… a characteristic evolution.”

I couldn’t believe it. The fact that this has come to me.

It was then.


I started to feel some power all over my body. The force started from my heart, circled around my body and went into my brain.


A pleasant sigh came out from my mouth in a mood that seemed to evolve my body to the next level.

This evolution also strengthened my physical strength as my rank are strengthened. I was tasting the moment of evolution.

I clenched my fist and straightened it. I felt an unparalleled power.

‘E-Rank……really E-Rank.’

My heart fluttered.

It reminded me of the first time I was judged as an F.

How excited. I looked for spirits that I could see now.
Before I was sadden to hear that I couldn’t even sign with a spirit after being judged to be an F-Rank.

“The only thing an F-Rank can do is being a porter, even if I continued to work as a hunter.”

Suddenly, the interview with the professors crossed my mind.

The letter F was a shackle and a gourd for F-Rank awakeners. Wherever you go, the word “F-Rank” follows you for life.

But it wasn’t the case for him now. I broke the shackles of being an F-Rank and jumped up.


Aqua gave me a big hug.

[Hehehe! I’m sure I’m less burdened!]]

Now that my <Spirit Affinity> has risen, the needed spiritual power of Aqua for the present world must have decreased.

“Aqua, thanks to you.”

I hugged Aqua tightly.

It was all thanks to Aqua’s visit to me that I was able to experience the miracle of rank evolution.

I cherished Aqua for giving me this miracle.

“Thank you so much. You are a miracle that came to my life.”

Aqua took a breath in surprise and soon giggled.

[You’re such a smooth talker!]

“I can’t imagine life without you anymore.”

[Don’t imagine! That kind of life won’t come back!]

Aqua hugged me as if to give me confidence.

I spoke in a sense of happiness.

“I promise. I will never leave you. Even if the sky collapses.”

[With the heart of a good spirit! I will never leave you either!]

Aqua rubbed her face against my chest. It was a warmer hug than the summer morning sun pouring out of the window.

* * *

The quest reward did not end there.

There was still Aqua’s reward, “The Spirit Growth.”

As we looked at the spirit store, it opened a different window as if it had felt our gaze.

<<Rewards will now be given.

‘Spirit Characteristics Window’ has been rewarded>>

“Spirit Characters Window?”

As we tilted our heads, a window rose before our eyes.

It was similar to my characteristic window, but the content was different.


Spirit of Water

Chatacteristics: <Spirit Power (A+)>>


Aqua opened his eyes round and looked at the window.

It was the same for me to be surprised. I’ve never heard of a characteristic window rising from a spirit.

Then, noise began at the bottom of the Aqua’s characteristics window.

Sizzling. Sizzling-.

The noise, which was distorted by irregular wavelengths, soon changed to solid letters.


Spirit of Water

Characteristics: Spiritual Power (A+)

Specialty: Healing power>>

[Oh! Healing power!]

Aqua was enthusiastic about her characteristics.

[Healing power!…but what exactly is the healing power?]

“The power to heal a wound? Maybe it’s a power that strengthens your healing powers?”

[It’s healing!]

Aqua reached out with a happy face and swept her characteristic window. Next to it was my characteristic window.

[It’s like looking at the Dad Characteristics window and the Daughter Characteristics window!]

Large characteristics Window and Small characteristics Window stood side by side. It really looks like a father and daughter characteristics windows.

We made eye contact and smiled brightly to each other.

“Okay. Shall we go eat watermelon to celebrate?”

[Let’s go eat watermelon!]

I gently hugged Aqua and she wrapped her arms around my neck.
While walking, Aqua shook her legs in the air with excitement.

* * *

Before I knew it, the sky darkened and the twinkling stars came to the sky.

[Not yet?]

Aqua’s urging voice was heard from the main room.

“All done!”

I headed to the main room with a large tray full of watermelon slices.


Aqua looked at the tray with a look of anticipation. Next to her, my parents were looking at the aqua with a happy face.

Aqua appeard in reality in consideration of my parents.


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Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Genius With a Healing Spirit Shop

Score 6.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[Raise Me!] “Yes…?” [I said raise me!] And then my journey to raise the Supreme Spirit begun.


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