The greatest extra

The Greatest Extra Chapter 2.2 The fifth prince of the fallen empire (2)

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Character List

Raymond Pilius

Alex Tilinger, Baron Tilinger’s second son.

Ronald Pilius, emperor of the Pilias Empire.

Aloken Pilius, third Prince of Pilias Empire

Lisefield Dior, an Old Mage

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Although Raymond was one of the villains in the first volume, he had very little involvement in the main story, so there was little narrative in the novel about him. He didn’t know that he wouldn’t be talented.

‘I’m more of an extra, now.’

The character that passes by briefly. After provoking the main character, he was brutally broken and left the scene in a lonely way, and lost his life in a massacre due to the plan to exterminate the royal family members.

‘And that day, the Pilius will be wiped out.’

His thoughts did not last long. This is because it was interrupted by sharp blade fragments sound in front of his feet.

The imperial knights who saw it stepped forward and made a fuss.

“Fifth Prince, Your Grace! You have to back off!”

“It’s dangerous here.”

But Raymond shook his head and opened his mouth.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

It can also be seen as an obstinate stubbornness.

“The lineage of the House of Pilius cannot escape.”

But today was different.

There’s no fool in this place right now. There were only five princes who inherited the blood of the Pilius.

“Fifth Prince!”

“We will risk our lives to protect you!”

The imperial knights made a fuss again.

Whether or not, Raymond did not take his eyes off the two people in front of him.

Even the afterimage could not be read, but the eyes are fixed.

I thought that was a courtesy to the Royal’s own work, which was used as a shield for himself.

“That’s not what rumors say.”

Feeling Raymond’s eye contact, the first run of the Royal Guard was moved.

‘I can’t let you down.’

His own eyes shone sharply before the Royal Guard. He recovered the sword by raising his spirits. Only then did Assassin realize that he had underestimated the Royal Guard’s power.

“Oh, my….”

When the assassin, who realized his mistake, tried to step back, the sword wielded by the first baseman scattered the oracle.

“Is this the Royal Guard?….”

It was clearly visible to Raymond’s eyes. Blood spurts throughout the assassin’s body.

He collapsed like a puppet with a broken string.

“Fifth Prince, I’ll take you to a safe place.”

Raymond smiled as he looked down slightly at the palace.

It is said to have fallen, but it is still an empire after all.

No one expected that the defense of the imperial palace, which is considered the safest in the Imperial City, would be temporarily breached.

The invaders’ goal was, of course, the emperor.

More than 30 assassins attacked the emperor, who was moving to the dinner hall for breakfast, but the result was a total annihilation.

Although the palace’s defense was said to have been breached, there were countless shields and royal guards next to the emperor.

It was an attack that shouldn’t be successful in the first place.

The leaders of the empire also judged it not as an attack to kill the emperor, but as a powerful reconnaissance to confirm the defense system of the fallen empire.

“Report the damage to the palace in detail.”

The present emperor, Ronald, was old and sick, but his voice still contained the dignity of a monarch.

The Royal Guard, who was on one knee, raised his head slightly and reported the damage.


Ronald’s expression was relieved.

‘I was relieved that the damage was not as serious as I thought.’

The Royal Guard was a little relieved at the sight and spoke again to continue the report.

“……and one of the five princes was attacked.”

“The Fifth Prince was in the Imperial Palace?”

“Yes, he was.”

The emperor, who was keeping calm, was shaken.

“I think he has accepted the Emperor’s invitation for breakfast.”


The emperor, Ronald, sent breakfast invitations to the fifth prince, Raymond, every morning. It lasted for five years, but he had not even shadowed the palace.

‘Why did you have to accept this morning’s invitation?’


Moisture came from the eyes of the emperor, who quietly murmured the name of the fifth prince.

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