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DQAAO Chapter 1.1- The quadruplets are special

Some typos, grammars may be seen while reading.

Sorry for that in advance! I am just alone editing and translating.

Decided to split this part of the chapter because it is like an introduction. The next part of the chapter starts with the fourth child point of view.


When the birth of quadruplets, something that had never happened in the long history of the Empire, became known, the Church dispatched Priest to the Rainberg family.

4 was the most ominous number in the whole Empire, so the Church thought that one of the quadruplets might be a child of the devil.

The Duke and Duchess of Rainberg politely refused the Church’s investigation, but the Church requested permission again and again.

In the end, the Quadruplets were placed under the watch of a Priest.

The babies, now a month old, bathed in holy water every morning, kept a silver cross by their side, and, except for one hour a day, even the mother of the children could not see them at will.

The quadruplets are the children of the Duke Rainberg, after decades of being childless. It was around the time that the Rainberg’s vassals and the Duke himself were getting to the limit of their patience, as their precious children were suspected of being the children of the devil.

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It could not be said that the youngest had bad habits.

* * *

The quadruplets were normal, just like children in the same age.

Of course, the existence of the quadruplets was special, but they didn’t have any extraordinary powers or extraordinary talents.

The rumors about one of the quadruplets was a child of the devil, became less significant as time passed.

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Duke’s Quadruplets Are All Overpowered

Duke’s Quadruplets Are All Overpowered

공작가 네 쌍둥이는 모두 먼치킨
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Quadruplets were born in the Reinberg family! All the children were unusual. The firstborn was the ruler of Murim. The second was Demon’s ruler. The third was an angel that descended from heaven. They were all the invaders who tried to invade Earth in their previous lives, “Who were you?” As the youngest, I… “Cantavia” I was someone that protected the Earth.


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8 months ago

Thanks for translating this! Series seems interesting so far

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