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Hello, sorry for just updating today cause right after the exam some stuff came up. (An outing with my friends.) So, again, I didn’t stack up.

However, it was fortunate that the website was in some sort of maintenance.

I noticed some wrong grammars in the previous chapters that I posted before exam, I will correct them later.

Happy Seolla! (Chinese new year in Korean.)


After four days, they arrived at the city where the Royal Academy is situated.

The exterior of the Academy was so spectacular and extravagant.

Gold and silver were used as decorations on the white outer wall, and the statue of King were erected behind the fountain in the center of the academy.

The city, where the Royal Academy is, was huge.

Perhaps because there were many noble’s children present, the security to the city was quite tight.

The guards were so strict that they wouldn’t have entered the city if the knights did not present an ID card with the pattern that represented the Millennium Family.

“Can we even able to enter today?”

“Sorry, sorry.

The Knight sweated a lot at Raymond’s words.

He said it as a joke, but there were so many people in the city that he started wonderinh if he could actually go to the academy within this day.

Fortunately, he was given a VIP treatment thanks to the carriage he was riding, which seems to only be done to noblemen.

The streets, which was full of people lining up, divided into two sides leaving the middle empty.

The scene, where so many people split towards each sides, was a satisfying scene.

However, he let out a bitter smile at the fact that encountering a noble was a nuisance to commoners.

They arrived to the inner walls of the Academy like that.

“We’ll be on our way home now, young master Raymond.”

As they came all the way here, the knights changed their view of him little by little.

He said goodbye to the knights and entered the academy with Alice.

“Young Master Raymond?”


“I’m Jamie, who will guide Young Master Raymond inside. Please follow me.”

Wearing a dark blue uniform, he had a warm aura.

With a gentle smile, he guided Raymond inside the academy.

“That’s where swordsmanship students can train. Over there… ”

While going inside, he started orienting him about the academy.

Despite arriving early in the morning, a large number of students already gathered in the training grounds and classroom.

Seeing an unfamiliar person, all the students were curious who he was.

“Do you know him?”

“Look at his outfit. It looks so expensive.”

Raymond felt the eyes of the students looking at him.

They were looking at him with curious eyes.

From what he wear to why he have a maid.

From their point of view, it was strange for a high-ranking aristocrats like him to come here.

“This is the place…”

“This is…”

“This is the Vice-Principal’s office. The Vice-Principal is looking forward to meeting Young Master Raymond.”

‘So him guiding me was for the vice principal, huh?’

For a while, Raymond saw a contempt in the guide face. The expression appeared for a very short time and disappeared immediately, but he could see it clearly.

Knock, knock

“Vice-Principal, Young Master Raymond is here.”

As soon as Jamie’s words came out, a voice came from inside.

“Let him in.”

Before coming inside, he ordered Alice to gather information.

Unlike the Count’s office full of documents, the Vice-Principal’s office was well organized.

There was a bookshelf behind the chair where the Vice-Principal sat, and a large window with a clear view of the outside in front.

“Sit this way.”

Jamie lead Raymond to the sofa in front of his desk of the Vice-Principal

Jamie looked very tired with dark circles and skinny, for the Vice-Principal, it could be seen that he enjoyed wealth with thick flesh.

“Kuharam’s Tea was just delivered to us. Young Master Raymond, if you don’t mind, let me pour you a cup of tea.”

After saying that the Vice-Principal himself poured him a tea. Then, he beckoned Jamie, who was still standing.

“What are you still doing here? Go and do what you need to do.”

Jamie bowed his head and went outside.

“I wonder why Young Master Raymond came to the Academy.”

The Vice-Principal went straight to the point as to whether he could not stand his curiosity anymore.

His question was understandable.

No matter how much hard he work at the academy, he knew it better how lacking was their education system compared to a prestigious family.

Furthermore, the Vice-Principal knows the situation of his family.

He already thought of an answer.

“I just wanted to experiences something new. No matter how good my family’s education system is, there are still things that I can only be obtain from the academy.”

“I see. I’m glad to hear that you think highly of the Academy, Young Master Raymond.”

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“Young Master Raymond, you’ll definitely become a great Swordsman..”

“Thank you.”

“But… If there’s something I’m worried about….”

He was now pretending to hesitate to speak.

The Vice-Principal was so good at acting that Raymond wouldn’t suspect that he was trying to read his mind.

“Will Young master Raymond be able to get along with the rest of his children? Oh! Please pretend you didn’t hear this. I’ve heard rumors about you, young master Raymond…”


He said, quickly after scanning Raymond’s face.

“But seeing you in person, I can’t believe the rumor. When I see you like this, who would….”

“I have this side of mine?”


He stuttered at Raymond’s surprising remark.

He could see what the Vice-Principal was thinking.

Did he think he would just stay silent when he was swearing at him?

If the Vice-Principal thought so, Raymond would be very sorry.

Looking at him, he raised one corner of his mouth.

“Many people looked at me and reacted similarly to the Vice-Principal. I wonder what the Vice-Principal thought of me.”

“Oh, that’s…”

He broke into a cold sweat.

He was put in an awkward position at Raymond’s sudden words.

“I’m just kidding. Just kidding.”

“Ah… hahaha. You’re quite mischievous, young master Raymond.”

He, who was smiling awkwardly, spoke quickly to change the subject.

“You still didn’t know where your class is, right?”

“Yes, I came to see the vice principal right away…”

“Young master Raymond will take classes in class A-2. Class A has a large number of noble children, so you won’t be able to meet any commoners. And I’ve told the teachers, so if you have any inconvenience, please feel free to tell it to me.”

“Thank you for your consideration. Oh, I brought a maid. I think I’d feel uncomfortable without her…”

“If that’s it, that’s fine. There are also other children accompanied by their servants.”

“I see.”

“I’m worried if I’ve held you for too long.”

“No, I drank good tea thanks to you.”

“Thank you for your compliment, young master Raymond.”

Raymond stood up and bowed his head lightly to him.

The Vice-Principal bowed his head facing him too.

As he went outside, he could feel the deep gaze of the Vice-Principal.


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‘O vczq aqnq lb cllncvl agz lb zr fgyq.’


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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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Thanks for the chapters. Hope to see a sequel soon.

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I’ve been meaning to ask, is this one dropped? Ah. It’s because it’s 20 days already since the last update.

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