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Raymond followed Kaham despite not knowing the intention behind.

The person, who used to be hostile to him at the banquet hall, was now friendly.

He need to be careful around a person like him. Kaham might be kind now, but later… He might stabbed him at the back.

‘Why are we going deeper to the forest?’

They’ve been like this since earlier. Kaham had been leading him towards the deepest part of the forest.

As they continue to search for suitable prey, Kaham lead him deeper and deeper as if his main purpose was to go there.

It was then…


The two of them heard a woman’s voice.


At the same time, a Red Flare soared into the sky.

Raymond already knew what that flare mean.

“Emergency signal.”

It was a signal that Beatrice often used to inform people around in case of an emergency.

Did Kaham do something?

Looking back at him, Raymond saw his forehead frowning.

His face seemed to be saying that something did not go well.

After looking at him, he ran towards the place where the flare rose.


It was Beatrice’s voice. She surrounded herself with her Barrier spell, with that, the Orcs were unable to touch her.

Each of the Orcs were holding a Club. There was also a bigger Orc in the middle. It was twice as large as the other orcs, and it was wearing an armor.

“Orc Warrior!”

A very strong and destructive monster among Orcs. It was a powerful entity that has its strength on par with Knights using mana.

Why is such a monster here?

The knights shouldn’t have left that, wondering around the hunting area of the nobles’ children.

Like the Orc Warrior, the current situation itself was strange.

The Orcs were all weird. They were drooling and their eyes were red.

Usually the Orcs possess green eyes, like their own bodies. It was very weird to see these kind of Orcs.

It looks like they have taken stimulant.

“O-Orc Warrior!”

The astonished voice of Kaham was very loud.

The Orcs shifted their eyes towards where the sound cane from.

Kaham hurriedly covered his mouth as if he knew that it was his fault. However, the Orcs were already showing their teeth towards the two of them.


Some of the Orcs came running towards them, while other Orcs remained and kept attacking the Barrier Spell of Beatrice. It seemed like they were more interested in women rather than men.


Beatrice screamed at the Orc’s vicious look.

She was unable to counterattack even with her Barrier on.

It was strange.

If she was the same person from the Novel Raymond had read, it should be easy for her to solve her current predicament

Her power when she met the main character was already great.

No matter how weak she is, she was a 3rd circle wizard. Right now, at least half of the Orcs left and followed the two of them, but, she still was scared and unable to do anything.


Raymond didn’t have time to think.

Before he knew it, the Orcs came closer and started swinging their club.

He also took out his sword and counterattacked.


His sword cut off the neck of the nearest Orc.


Angry by the smell of blood of the same race, all Orcs surrounding Beatrice rushed towards him.


Another Orc fell because of Raymond’s attack.


In time, Raymond avoided the club of the Orc.

As soon as he started to act as the main character, he slaughtered Orcs like a machine.

The number of orcs that first attacked Beatrice was only five, including the Orc warrior.

But now, there were eight orcs in total

Except for the Orcs he just killed, he still had to deal with the other six.

This was an impossible feat to do, even if it was done by a Knight wondering alone.


This Group of Orcs had an Orc warrior, double their size, leading them.

One Orc warrior was equivalent to one knight, if the knight was using mana.

The difference between using mana and not using it was like heaven and earth.

‘What is it?’

Raymond felt something strange while dealing with Orcs.

Obviously, Kaham was with him, but strangely, the Orcs only attacked him.

When he peeked at Kaham with doubt, he was just looking at them beside the Brown Barrel.

From time to time, the Orcs glanced at Kaham, but still, they did not bother to attack him.

It was strange, but Raymond didn’t have time to care about it.

He was busy dealing with Orcs.

He looked around quickly.

“There’s no chance of winning.”

His reason thinks that his chances of winning were slim.

Even if Kaham helped and Beatrice sorted herself up, they still wouldn’t be able to win.

The Orc Warrior was that dangerous.

Furthermore, Kaham didn’t seem to have any intention of helping him

But why?


Even though he is in dire situation, deep inside, he didn’t think he would lose.

Was it because he was still acting as the protagonist, who killed thousands of monsters?

This kind of thing felt like nothing to the main protagonist.

While Raymond’s mind was full of thoughts, he didn’t stop dodging the Orcs’ attacks and counterattacked.

Whish! Whish!

In just a minute, two more orcs were killed by his sword.


He started to feel heat coming from inside.

He felt good.

Cutting off their flesh. Breaking bones.


Hearing their scream.

He felt like he was going to get addicted by this situation.

Plop, plop.

He grabbed one Orc, and poked his sword into its chest one after another.

Whenever his sword dug through its flesh, blood splattered all over his body and face.

His fear for his first kill seemed ridiculous just now.

“It’s not bad.”

He was satisfied with killing these Orcs.


Raymond avoided the club just in time.

What is it?

‘I think my body got a bit stronger.’


His sword cut the Orc’s head with a single slash.

If it was him before, he wouldn’t be able to slash even half of it.

“My strength got stronger.”

His overall physical ability has increased.

He didn’t do anything else, but why did this happened?

While Raymond was busy with his thoughts, Beatrice looked at the Orc behind him and gathered mana in her hand.


The Orcs, which were preparing for an attack from behind Raymond, was burning.

While attacking the Orcs, her hand and body started trembling.

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With Beatrice’s help, all Orcs, except the Orc Warrior, fell to the ground.

The fallen orcs didn’t look very good.

The appearance of their whole body burning was so ugly that no matter how great his tenacity was, he still felt nauseous.


The Orc Warrior, who had stayed still until then, stamped his foot. As he stamped his foot, the ground rang.

The body was filled with red veins, and his already red eyes seemed to be filled with blood.


The Orc warrior’s roar rang in all directions.

The trees around him shook violently and even twigs broke.

Raymond could hear his tinnitus beeping due to the Orc Warrior. His eardrum seemed to burst at just a single roar.

“This is the Orc Warrior.”

The reason was unknown why he stayed still in the midst of his fellow orcs’ death.

The momentum of the Orc warrior was great. As Raymond was facing it, his body started to tremble.

Am I scared?

That’s not it. Now matter how strong that Orc Warrior will be, he was trembling because he was looking forward to see if it could satisfy him.

Moving his left leg forward and his right leg backward, he bent his knees and pointed the sword at the Orc Warrior.

Boom, boom!

The Orc Warrior shook the club he was holding to break down the surrounding trees.Then, he screamed and rushed in.

The Club was going up and down.

If he were to block that, not only his arms would break, but also his head would be crashed.

While, Raymond dodge it left and right, he didn’t forget to leave some scars to the Orc Warrior.


The Orc warrior’s arm was now full of wounds because of the attack of Raymond.

Slash! Slash!

It seems like the wounds was nothing to the Orc. Raymond knew that the Orc Warrior would not be easily shaken because of it.

Raymond leaned down, and swung his sword down.

The club scratched past the sword.


The sword stabbed the side of the Orc Warrior, however, it was shallow.

Only the tip of his sword went in.


The Orc Warrior screamed and punched his fist towards his head.


A weak blue barrier formed over his head and blocked the Orc Warrior’s fist.

The Barrier was easily shattered, but thanks to it, it was able to buy some time to escape.

If the magic was a little late, his head would have burst.

Strangely, he was not afraid even though he almost died.

But that was not enough.

He started to realize something as he exchange blows with the Orc Warrior.

He seemed to be more and more immersed on acting as the main character right now.

He was starting to became the main character from his personality, behavior, and power.

[“The Unknown God” is worried at your excessive immersion on your “acting”.]

A pale blue energy started surrounding the sword.

The thought of “losing” disappeared completely, and the thought of “killing” filled his head.


His swords swung towards the club of the Orc warrior.

No matter how much he exercised in this short time, his body was still weaker than his peers.

Nevertheless, he was able to win because of he was acting as the main character.

He realized that as soon as he was “immersed” as the main character, he was able to use Mana like his hands and feet. Because of that, his arms and legs were strengthened with his mana.

He turned around and let the club slip away.

Orc Warrior’s body couldn’t overcome its strength and tilted forward for a moment.


He casted a spell and stopped the Orc Warrior’s movement for a moment.

Thanks to it, he was able to poke the sword on the Orc Warrior’s body.

The sword with mana pierced through the tough leather and reached till its head.


When the sword was removed, the Orc Warrior’s body faltered helplessly and collapsed forward.

He immersed completely to the main character.

He was only immersed for a very short time, but he immediately killed the Orc Warrior.

“It’s not enough.”

Nevertheless, Raymond felt thirsty.

He wanted to see more blood.

Someone shouted in my head, saying, “You have to kill more to gain talent.”

He looked around.

And then he saw her. A woman who shines brightly.

She was Beatrice, and he wanted to take away her talent.

If I kill her, wouldn’t I have the talent she has?

Don’t. Stop!

His body moved differently from what he thought.


She stared up at him blankly.

He looked at her indifferently and swung the sword.

“Bare, barrier!”

Multiple barriers piled up over her body.

He swung the sword regardless.

Although he have a small amount of mana, it was not enough to broke the barrier from a 3rd Circle wizards.

He continued slashing the Barrier and slowly it started to crumble.


With her scream, his sword barely stopped near her neck.

His other hand grabbed the blade. As he held the blade, blood started dripping down.

Raymond’s head hurt more than his hands.

He felt nauseated so he let go of the sword.

He stumbled and leaned against the tree.

His heart was thumping very fast.

After a long time, he could barely come to his senses.

“I almost got eaten up.”

He was too immersed in the main character.

He felt like he became the main character, and he almost killed Beatrice.

This was dangerous.

No matter how good a sword was, it cannot be handled if the handle was a blade.

“Acting” was like that. If he was too immersed in the character he was portraying, he would lose his reasons.

Raymond was afraid that if he was too immersed, his personality would drastically change.

“I’m sorry.”

He approached her and tried talking to her.


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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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