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Superstar from age 0 chapter 140

Just by listening to it, it was easy to see what musicians wanted to express. And that “emotional feeling that the public can easily feel” was necessary for Sarah Lot, a musical movie director.

Coffee was brought to their table. When Benjamin Morton took a sip, Sarah Lot spoke first.

“Have you read the synopsis and script?”

“Yes. I liked it. I relate a lot with he story.”

At Benjamin Morton’s reply, Sarah Lot prevented her urge to smile.

It seems like persuading him would be easier then she thought.

Benjamin Morton, who had a sip of coffee, asked.

“What about the other famous classical music composers? There must be someone else that can write a song that suits yourself.”

“Yes. There may be others, but what I want is Professor Morton’s song. I want to convey vivid emotions to the audience.”

Benjamin Morton thought for a while at Sarah Lot’s words, and said.

“I have a favor to ask if you want my song.”


Sarah Lot’s eyes sparkled at the words of Benjamin Morton that basically says that he accepted the proposal.

Benjamin Morton touched the coffee cup with his thumb. His earlier soft expression, went serious.

“Did you find a violinist as a substitute for the main character?”

“No, not yet. I’d like to ask the professor. Is there a violinist that you know who could play for the role of the main character?”

Benjamin Morton sighed in relief.

“That’s what I wanted to ask as a favor. I have a disciple, and I want him to be in the movie.”

Professor Benjamin Morton’s student!

Coach Sarah Lot cheered in her heart. Benjamin Morton will guarantee his performance, and there is one more thing to promote.

“Thank you for your help!”

“Welcome. I’ll send you the song as soon as it’s done.”

Sarah Lot, who had been nodding her head, was suddenly reminded of something she wanted to ask him.

“Professor Morton.”


“If you don’t mind, can you teach us how to act?”

“Act? What do you mean?”

Professor Benjamin Morton was confused.

“Yes. The performance will be played in a band, but the actors have to be filmed for the performance. We need to match the timing of the song and posture, and I want the professor to help us. I want you to give and intensive lessons for about two weeks before the filming and also help when filming the performance scene.”

Professor Benjamin Morton nodded and then replied.

“Is it okay for my student to come with me?”

“Yes, of course!”

“I see. I see. Then, please contact me as soon as the schedule is set. I still have a school lecture, so I need to know in order to adjust my lecture schedule.”

“Thank you!”

Sarah Lot left the café with a happy expression.

When Benjamin Morton arrive at his home, he wrote a text message to stubborn his student and then turned off his cell phone.

* * *

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“Professor Benjamin Morton?”

Seojun looked at the laptop screen with a surprised face. Director Sarah Lot smiled and nodded at his surprised face.

While learning the violin, he heard many things about several violinists from teacher Jung Yi-seul during the break.

Among them, there was Benjamin Morton. The songs composed by him were very touching and beautiful.

“The teacher said that she respected him the most.”

Wouldn’t she faint if she knew this news? Seojun laughed inside.

“Yeah. He’ll be giving you lessons for two weeks and help me when filming.”

“That’s great. But the song was composed really fast.”

“I thought it would take longer, but I was surprised when he finished it faster than I thought. And the song was good too!”

The song was played by Benjamin Morton’s student but composed by him and while listening to it, it was so good that director Sarah Lot thought Professor Benjamin Morton had entered her head.

She never imagined that a song would come out just like the image she had thought of. She was really lucky to have him in her team.

“Then, all the songs are now prepared right?”

“Yes. All you have to do now is to practice.”

“Are the other characters have their respective actors casted yet?”

“The first and second auditions are over, and only the final audition is left. It’s time for the production to build the set.”

Sarah Lot smiled lightly. The production cost was more than enough, so everyone could work with ease.

“The shooting time is decided. Other actors also have to go to school and, you too have to go to school, so we decided to film during next summer vacation. Of course, you have to come to the United States before the summer vacation.”

Seojun already heard this from An Daho. An Daho, Kings Agency, and Whale Studio had discussed about attending school. His attendance wasn’t that affected if he filmed it in Korea, but this filming was different.

He and his parents didn’t want to pay the school just to let him pass for the next grade, neither did his Uncle agreed to it.

Because the shooting will be in the U.S.A., An Daho went personally to his Elementary School to confirm the number of days he has to attend. After adjusting, the date for his flight to U.S.A. was set.

“Yes, I see. Please contact me when it’s decided.”

“Okay, practice hard!”

After hanging up the phone, Seojun printed the music score. Having learning violin for months, his ability to read music score has also improved.

As Seojun’s read the score, his violin-patterned tattoo on his finger moved along the notes of the score.


Seojun exclaimed while reading the score.

It started calm but towards the end it was raging. Having been practicing hard for months, he felt like he became a real violinist.

He wanted to play this song. Seojun, whose hands trembled with excitement, touched the violin case.

“Seojun, let’s eat!”


But it was now time to eat dinner.

‘I guess have to play it tomorrow.’

He swallowed his disappointing sigh and went to have dinner.

* * *

“This is Professor Morton’s song?!”

“Yes. He composed the song for the movie.”

“Hollywood is really different”.

Jung Yi-seul’s eyes sparkled. This was a song by her favorite composer, Benjamin Morton.

Jung Yi-seul read the score and went down. As she read mnu score all her life, she read the song faster than Seojun.

It was a really beautiful song that started calm, intense, and finally shining as Seojun felt.

Jung Yi-seul had been thinking of playing, but in time, she came to her senses. This was a song that Seojun should play, not her.

“Should I play this?”

“Yes. You just need to match your hand movements and the timing of the bow. The violinist will really play it.”

“I see. I see. Let’s do it.”

Seojun held the violin on his chin, and guided by Jung Yi-seul.

“By the way teacher.”


“If the practice goes well, let me practice the song practice. I really want to play it.”

Jung Yi-seul nodded at Seojun’s words. It’s only been a few months since she taught violin to him and Seojun was actually doing well on his classes.

Once she taught it to him, he will execute it as she did.

Jung Yi-seul was now accustomed to Seojun’s talent.

It could not even compared to the children she had been tutoring so far. Was Seojun eating something that let skills grows faster? She even thought of that.

However, Jung Yi-seul shook her head quickly. Even after looking through the Internet a little, she could see post about Seojun’s talent.

[Title: Playing soccer with actor Lee Seojun

My friend is a very promising soccer player, and when I called him to play soccer on the weekend, he said he had a previous appointment.

So I asked what he is doing?

He said he would be playing soccer with a famous younger brother. Then, I asked if I can go with him.

After getting permission, I gathered a soccer team members and went to the school playground, and Lee Seojun was there. Everyone didn’t even recognize him at first. It was so random. Why did he came here?

Unexpectedly, the first to recognize him was the coach. Hahaha.

But there weren’t many people because we didn’t inform outsiders, so we got autographs, took pictures, and played games with him.
(Picture with Seojun) (Autograph picture)
Here the evidences that it was really Seojun.]

The top commenter are some of his playmates.

-I really didn’t know I’d see Lee Seojun! I got an autograph too!

-I can’t believe I played against Lee Seojun! Seojun was really good at playing soccer.

-Good at acting and soccer… What can’t he do?

-Did Seojun see soccer as a hobby?

– Choi Si-hyuk is the only soccer player close to Lee Seojun. In Re-investigation he was a cameo with him.

– 9th grader Choi Si-hyuk. Didn’t he say before in an interview that he has a friend who plays soccer better than him? Was it Seojun?

Jung Yi-Seul didn’t bother herself to read the other comments anymore.

As expected, Lee Seojun was talented for everything.

Violin was not the only place where Lee Seojun’s talent was displayed. Soccer, horseback riding, taekwondo. It was hard to not be jealous if a person was outstanding talent across to manu fields.

Talented in many fields created a character named Lee Seojun.

Jung Yi-seul seemed to have given up hope in face to such a talented person, but recalling that the score was from Benjamin Morton, her depressed mood was suddenly changed to a bright one.

“Let’s do what we were practicing last time again.”


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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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